What’s Your Parenting Vision? Module 4

Welcome to your final module of What’s Your Parenting Vision! You have done a lot of work and a lot of self exploration to get to this point and I acknowledge you for your willingness to both look within and look ahead. Before diving into Module 4 I encourage you to review your notes from previous modules – to have them refreshed in your mind as you move into this final phase of inquiry. As always…enjoy the process!



  • A Vision that moves you
  • Exercise 4

A Vision that Moves You

There is no right or wrong vision as long as your vision inspires and moves you, both figuratively (emotionally), as well as physically into action. A vision should both inspire you as well as drive you into action, into realizing your wishes, hopes, and dreams and living your values! I encourage you to research some vision statements from some of your most beloved companies and organizations and look at the ways in which their vision statements drive them to do business and succeed. (By success I refer to a vision that is realized, that is lived). Think: are they doing what they set out to do? Then think about your own life and about what you are setting out to do with yourself and your family and your children.

In order to make real change in your parenting and family life you are going to have to do things a little differently than you have been doing them. If you keep doing more of the same you will keep seeing and getting more of the same. Simple, right?!

  • For real and lasting change to occur, for transformation to happen in our families, we must create something entirely new that did not exist before.

I invite you to take on this area of your life like a project, a really big and exciting project! And in order to start the project you need a vision to drive you into action, to guide you in your project! Thing big and don’t hold back for this is your family we are talking about, this is your life!

  • What do you truly want for yourself and your life, for your experience of parenting, for your family? What are you committed to?

Exercise 4 Your Vision Statement

  •  Challenge Yourself!

Look back at your work so far – at your initial vision brainstorm, at your list of identified values, at your list of wishes, hopes and dreams and begin to craft a vision statement for your family. It will be the right one when it both moves (you into action) and inspires you.

  • Share! Share your vision statement with us in the comments section and/or on our private Facebook page! Don’t fear – this is a work in progress!
  • Once you have a statement that moves and inspires you, choose one thing to act on now! What will it be? What action will you take? Share with us!

If you need more support in crafting your vision statement and/or taking actions consistent with your vision and incorporating it into your life – schedule an appointment for private coaching! email us to schedule!

CONGRATULATIONS on completing this month’s parent edu/coaching topic!

In March we will look at parenting the strong-willed (aka spirited, opinionated and always negotiating) child!

Stay tuned…


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  1. Is anybody out there? Would love to hear from someone! This is where the real work is but don’t let that intimidate you! Enjoy the process!
    In our family we are…we have…we act…
    balance, presence, loving, kind, respect, togetherness, etc….