What’s Your Parenting Vision? Module 3

In part I of What’s Your Parenting Vision we first looked at the importance of having a vision. We then looked at the importance of values and clarified those values that drive us in life and in parenting. In Modules 3 and 4 we will build on those values, incorporate our hopes and dreams and create vision statements to move us into action. Please feel free to share any insights in the comments section. We love your feedback and we are here to support you!


  • Vision as Wishes, Hopes and Dreams
  • Exercise 3

Vision as Wishes, Hopes and Dreams

Together with our values, our wishes, hopes and dreams drive our vision. What is your dream for your family? How do you see yourself in that dream? How do you see your children? What do you most wish for? What do you hope for them? What is your heart’s desire for your family? Our vision is not concerned with how-to’s nor with solutions or action steps. Our vision is our dream for ourselves and our family. I invite you to let go of what should, could or could not be and to dare to imagine new possibilities and envision your preferred future!

GET CLEAR on what it is you want for yourself, your kids and your family. Start a list! It will be a work in progress – do not stress!

Do you want balance? Presence? Calm? Happiness? Time for yourself? Quality family time? Kids that eat? Peace (aka less tantrums and less power struggles?), kind and generous kids? Time with your significant other? A career or the opportunity to stay home with the kids? More energy to get through the days? Kids that love being each others’ siblings? Spirituality? Fun?

The possibilities are endless! Dare to dream!

  •  CLOSE YOUR EYES AND IMAGINE…then write it down!

Imagine your ideal parenting situation. Picture it! Dare to imagine it! What does it look like, feel like, smell like, sound like? What do you hear? How is your face? Your breathing? What are you aware of? What do you feel? What else might be part of your ideal life? What feelings come to mind?

  • CLOSE YOUR EYES AGAIN…then write it down!

This time imagine that you have just woken up in your home in your ideal life (in your preferred future, the one where all your wishes, hopes and dreams have been met), how do you feel? What is your new reality like? How do you experience your kids? What are you most excited about?

Stay in first person, as if you are retelling the dream to a friend, and write it down. Example: “I’m sitting in my kitchen and my kids are chasing each other around the room laughing and…”

  • CLOSE YOUR EYES ONE LAST TIME…then write it down!

This time imagine that your kids are all grown and you have just run into an old friend. You knew each other when your kids were young and you can’t wait to tell her all about little Johnny and Kate and how proud you are of how they’ve turned out. What do you say? What are you most proud of? What are your grown kids like?

Exercise 3 Identify Emerging Themes

  • Challenge Yourself!

 Make sure you have taken adequate time with each of the “close your eyes” guided imageries above and written down your responses to each section. You are now going to look for emerging themes among your responses.

  • There is no right and wrong – only what fits for you!

Look for words or phrases that come up more than once or that really stand out for you – write those down. Look for words that can be combined under one heading and write those down too. Examples:

  • Spirituality, prayer and church grouped as spirituality.
  • Courageous, brave and risk taker might all fit under courage.
  • Kind, sweet and giving might go under generosity or under kindness – you decide!
  • Balanced, centered, peaceful might go under grounded.

Have fun with this! Enjoy the process!

Get Ready! In week 4 we will create your family’s vision statement!

Upcoming Topics:

  • How to parent your strong-willed child
  • Boundaries, Limits and Consequences
  • How to increase your energy for parenting & create more time for yourself!





  1. Don’t get intimidated! Have fun with this! Nothing you say is written in stone! Enjoy the process of the self-inquiry itself! Please share with us where you’re at as well as any insights that may occur for you! I want us to use the group for support and inspiration!

    If you wish to have further, LIVE, support and guidance in exploring your dream, please contact us to set up a private coaching session in person or by phone.

  2. Jennifer Kaplan

    Close eyes 1 – ideal situation
    balance, vitality, dual income family, peace, flow, calm, relaxed, happy, energized. happy well adjusted kids. happy marriage.

    close your eyes 2 – ideal parenting situation/dream:
    I wake up in the morning and my kids and husband and I are cuddling in our bed. Theres an ease. no one is frustrated or stressed out. theres peace. we spend the day hanging out together as a family – peacefully enjoying each other and whatever the day brings from giggles to fun to meltdowns – we embrace it all with ease and grace and it all flows! On the weekdays I go to work and my career is flourishing and I am a better mom for it – no mom guilt! I have time for me to exercise and work and be with my kids – present with them always! we have more strict rules around media so that we have time actually interacting with one another and being together – playfully and meaningfully sharing moments together.

    close your eyes 3 – grown kids:
    OMG my kids both went after their dreams though it wasn’t always the easy road – I’m so proud of them! They are both so happy and fulfilled and love life, they are loving and in amazing relationships, I’m so happy for them!

    balance, presence, peace, vitality, flow, happiness, being together/relational, ease/centered/grounded,

    Am I doing this right?

  3. Jennifer – Absolutely! GREAT work! I applaud you for your deep exploration and of course for sharing it! Stay in self inquiry and continue to see what else shows up for you.