The Coolest/Smartest/Best Gift You Can Give Your Kids on Valentine’s Day

I think you would agree that most of us moms today are working in overdrive, working overtime, overworked, over scheduled, over exhausted and overwhelmed as we wear multiple hats and juggle multiple responsibilities many of us with multiple kids! Almost always we are multi-tasking, giving a bit of ourselves in multiple directions at once to get it all done. Thanks to iPhones and iPads, texting, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Bluetooth, we are able to get it all mostly done on most days. This is, after all, how many of us have learned to survive our mom lives. But what if for one day we aim to surpass survival and to thrive rather than merely survive? What if for one day we gifted our children with our full presence, our full selves, our undivided attention channeled in one direction only rather than on multiple tasks and on multiple devices? What if this Valentine’s Day we moms made a pact to be truly present with our children, to turn the devices off, and to truly be with our kids?

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