The exercises create such a positive way of looking at things, which helped me become more patient and grateful. I still go back to the exercises when I am having an overwhelming day. I can honestly say that this was the first holiday season that I thoroughly enjoyed, since I was able to not sweat the small things, and really appreciate my husband and daughters.

Michelle, mom of two (Michigan)

Galit truly brought our family together again. After 5 military deployments, our family was severely disconnected. Thanks to Galit, our three children are not only thriving again, but so is our marriage. I think its a must for every parent–no matter how seasoned.

Kathy, mom of three (Kansas)

I would like to thank you for the experience…I would highly recommend it…I feel more confident (as a mom) and it helped lower my stress, but most importantly it helped me understand how to take care of myself which is helping all aspects of my life.  Thank you!

Mom of two (Dallas)