Helping Kids Appreciate The True Meaning of The Holidays

The holiday season is in full swing! Thanksgiving has come and gone, the beautiful lights are hanging, and even in Dallas (where it has been near 80 degrees this week) there is that feeling of winter around us. But there’s another way we can tell that the winter holidays are upon us. Think about it. What comes to mind when you think of Christmas or Hanukkah? Be it the iPad mini, the LeapPad2 Explorer, or this year’s Furby toy, there is an explicit focus on gifts when it comes to the holidays.

The commercial overload, which surrounds us all year long, is especially amplified during the holiday season emphasizing the year’s latest and greatest and the “must-haves” for the entire family. And who doesn’t like to get gifts?! Getting (and giving) gifts can be a wonderful tradition for the holidays. But are we slowing down enough to actually experience this tradition or unconsciously going through the motions? And what other traditions do we wish to pass onto our children this time of year? What do we want them to take away from the holidays aside from the hottest new toy?

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