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Strong-Willed Kids Module 4

A child’s behavior is a function of temperament together with parenting, which means that while your child may have been born a certain way, your parenting of that child does make a difference in his behavior! This challenges us to.

Strong-Willed Kids Module 3

As your kids act out and continue to test you, because that is what kids do, try not to lose your cool with them. Try the tools below to help build trust with your kids, to set them up to succeed in their interactions with you and to help them learn how to self soothe when the going gets tough.


Parenting Strong-Willed Kids!

Often the things that we deeply appreciate in the people we love are also the ones that drive us most crazy! This is often the case for parents of strong-willed kids who deeply feel and fiercely act out and drive their parents crazy in the process. The first step in stopping these cycles of struggle is to refocus on the parent-child relationship. You can still restore your joy for parenting!