What IS Parent Coaching?

Parent coaching is a process that can help you navigate through your parenting challenges. We do this by helping you get in touch with your core values and your core self so that you can identify what you most desire for you and your family and then create effective strategies and solutions to achieve those goals and dreams. The process is energizing and empowering as well as solution-oriented. In Parent Coaching you are always moving forward, one step at a time, supported by someone who is highly trained to lead you towards your preferred future.

Parent Coach Certification®

Parent Coach Certification® is a registered trademark of the Parent Coaching Institute and defines its graduate level parent coach training program in collaboration with the Department of Education at Seattle Pacific University. It is a rigorous program open only to those who already have a bachelor’s degree and experience in a related field such as education, counseling or child development, and is equivalent to 24 graduate-level credits. PCI’s program is the only one in the country that is affiliated with an accredited university, and which meets university standards of a 5000-graduate level program. For more information on PCI Certified Parent Coaches, please visit the Parent Coaching Institute: http://www.parentcoachinginstitute.com/findcoach/whatis.htm

Coaching vs. Therapy

Coaching is not therapy. Therapy is often about healing the past whereas coaching is typically forward-focused and designed for healthy and fully functioning individuals. Though some clients may simultaneously be in therapy, the focus of the coaching remains forward-focused, essentially picking up where therapy sometimes leaves off. In therapy we often look at the past to understand our being in the present. In coaching we look to the future to guide us in the present. In therapy we often spend a lot of time exploring our feelings and emotions. In coaching we explore our core selves, we identify our core values and we design our preferred futures!

Who Benefits from Parent Coaching

Parent coaching is beneficial for any parent or caretaker of a child any age. It is even useful for parents-to-be! This is because parent coaching is about you, the parent, and not about the child. This is not a how-to-parent your child program but rather an engaging, energizing and empowering process for you! Through their participation in parent coaching parents often rediscover their joy for parenting, find more time for themselves, and create a deeper sense of connection with their children.

Is Parent Coaching for Me?

  • Do you often feel stressed and overwhelmed?
  • Are you yelling at your kids more often than you would like?
  • Could you use some support to navigate through a particular parenting situation?
  • Do you wish to stay informed about parenting issues but can’t find the time to read?
  • Do you ever ask yourself “am I doing this right?”
  • Do you ever wish you had more time and energy for yourself?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then YES, parent coaching may be for you. Please contact with any questions: info@coreparentcoaching.com