What Will We Do?

Guided by The Parent Coaching Institute’s model for parent coaching and influenced by humanistic psychology, positive psychology, and appreciative inquiry we will partner together to support you in reaching your goals. Our process is a participatory one so get ready to jump in with both feet! Together we will…

  •  Identify and bridge the gap between where you are and where you wish to be
  • Discover more of what is already working in your family and parenting situation
  • Identify your core values and clarify your wishes, hopes and dreams
  • Design action steps to support you in making your vision a reality
  • Celebrate your progress as we begin to see your desired changes taking place
  • Maintain the momentum generated in the coaching process in order to sustain results and support you in living the life you want

How Long Does it Take?

The coaching process typically requires an initial 10-12 sessions for personalized coaching. Some clients need more sessions while some find they need less. We do encourage all clients to continue with some form of maintenance sessions for ongoing development and growth.