To bring focused attention and intention to parenting in order to increase aliveness and connection within families and help families thrive! We are committed to helping you bridge the gap between where you are and where you wish to be.


The family as an enriching environment for optimal growth and development for both parents and children. Family members are present with one another, feel deeply connected to each other and live authentically with their core values.


A unique collaborative process for high functioning adults in which you are always moving forward one doable step at a time. We explore your core self, identify your core values and design your preferred future. It generates energy and solutions!

CORE Parent Coaching 

CORE Parent Coaching is a comprehensive private practice created to support parents and families through coaching and education and to help families thrive! We can help you bridge the gap between where you are today and where you wish to be within a specific parenting situation or overall in your family life. CORE Parent Coaching offers a unique process that is exploratory and solution-focused, giving you an enriching experience together with useful tools and effective solutions. The process is engaging, energizing and empowering! Owner Galit Birk brings both expertise and passion to working with families: PhD Clinical Psychology, PCI Certified Parent Coach®, Member International Coach Federation.

CORE Services

CORE Parent Coaching is based in Dallas, TX offering select services in surrounding areas and across the country via telephone and/or Skype. Contact us!
E: info@coreparentcoaching.com T: 214-865-7398 F: 214-865-7391

With CORE PARENT COACHING you are always moving forward, one step at a time, supported by someone who is highly trained to lead you towards your preferred future.




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“A PCI Parent Coach, in essence, is a supportive companion who champions your highest aspiration and dreams for yourself, your children, and your family – and helps you attain them. – Parent Coaching Institute.

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